Interactive maps

Getting around

When you access an Waukesha County GIS Viewer Map, you will see a screen similar to the one below. The screen is made up of two main areas: the map window and the information panel. The map window has a number of features including an overview map that lets you see which portion of the map you are zoomed in on, a scale bar, map coordinates, and a zoom control that you can use to quickly zoom in or out. The information panel lets you perform a number of tasks like showing or hiding map layers, viewing the legend, viewing a list of your search results, or displaying selections you have made.

The toolbar at the top of the screen, which can be hidden if required, contains a number of tabs that hold all the tools you need to interact with your map. The number of tabs and tools you see may change depending on the map you are using as some tools may not be particularly useful with some maps.

Screen layout diagram

- Information panel - Search tool
- Map title - Base map selector
- Toolbar - Toolbox
- Scale slider - Map tip
- Toolbar menu - Overview map
- I want to… menu - Scale bar
- Map window - Mouse coordinates

Basic navigation

Most of the time you’ll probably navigate the map with your mouse. You just click the map and drag it to pan around. Right-click, and you’ll see a menu with shortcuts to useful tools. You can even use the mouse in combination with the keyboard; hold down the SHIFT key while dragging a rectangle with your mouse to quickly zoom in on the selected area.

Here are the basic mouse navigation functions:

To… Then…
move or pan a map click the pan button (Hand icon) then drag the map in the direction you want to move it
zoom in to a specific area on the map hold down the SHIFT key and then click and drag a rectangle with the left mouse button that designates the area you want to zoom in on
zoom in on the map at the cursor position double-click the left mouse button on the point you want to zoom in on
zoom in on the map at the cursor position roll the mouse wheel away from you to zoom in on the map at the cursor position
zoom out from the map at the cursor position roll the mouse wheel toward you to zoom out on the map at the cursor position

You can also use your keyboard to perform basic navigation. This can help when you need more control over the movement of the map.

To… Press…
pan left LEFT ARROW
pan right RIGHT ARROW
pan up UP ARROW
pan down DOWN ARROW
zoom in PLUS
zoom out MINUS

Click the right mouse button to access a shortcut menu to show the actions you can perform on the object you clicked on.